Why You Must Stop Watching TV Right Now

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After a long and taxing day, many people like to relax by watching television.

But what if TV were ruining your life?

Your parents have probably told you dozens of times that spending too much time in front of the screen is rotting your brain. As it turns out, your parents may have been right.

Here are some reasons to cut out TV right now:

  • It makes you negative: TV presents only a limited view of how life works, and often times it’s dreary. This constant consumption of dramatized storylines and exaggerated news stories give you a negative worldview.
  • It numbs your mind: Focusing so heavily on fictitious characters reduces your personal motivation. Instead of feeling encouraged to live a life of your own, you live vicariously through people you watch on TV.
  • It promotes laziness: It’s easy to sit down and plug into a basic form of stimulation. Since TV is a passive experience, it becomes more difficult for you to take action in your real life.
  • It kills your schedule: TV takes up the limited free time you could be using to create, learn, or experience new things.
  • It subjects you to advertising: TV shows are designed around showing you advertisements. Ads are dangerous because they promote a dangerous groupthink based on excessive consumerism.
  • It distracts you from you life purpose: Whatever your life’s goal may be, watching one or two hours of TV a day is only keeping you from the things you really want to accomplish.

If you’re starting to see why too much TV isn’t a good thing, consider canceling your cable or satellite. If you want to watch films on DVD, be reasonable with how many you watch a week and don’t go overboard. Streaming services like Netflix, however, are dangerous because they provide you with virtually unlimited content.

It will seem difficult at first, but after cutting out TV, other activities will relax you while still providing stimulation. Read or listen to books on tape, watch educational videos, meditate, or nap instead.

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