Top 7 Reasons For Dark Circles Under The Eyes And What You Can Do Against Them

Everyone knows this: you have been out too long, with only little sleep, and the following day, dark circles appear under your eyes. But what exactly are these dark circles? Where do they come from? And what can you do against them?

The phenomenon of the dark circles has a simple explanation: Firstly , the skin around the eyes is very thin and (with the age always) less fat-cushioned than the rest of the face so that the blood vessels glimmer through which gives the impression of dark circles. If you now overstress the muscles around the eyes, this causes a strong blood flow and the blood vessels are more noticeable than usually. Furthermore, the color of the blood is important: oxygen-poor blood is darker than oxygen-rich blood and therefore more visible.

In most cases, the dark circles are not permanent and can be corrected by a few simple tricks. Lets have a look at the top 7 reasons for dark circles and their remedy:

1. Lack of sleep

Party people or workaholics, this is for you! In the case of a sleep deficit, the dark circles are caused by an overstressing of the muscles around the eyes. This causes a stronger blood circulation in the vessels and they are therefore more visible. Remedy? Sufficient sleep is usually the solution.

2. Working on the computer

The same happens when you work too many hours on the computer. The muscles around the eyes are overburdened. What helps? Turn off the computer and take frequent breaks, so that the eyes can relax from time to time.

3. Lack of exercise and fresh air

Couch potatoes watch out! As mentioned above, oxygen-deficient blood is darker than oxygen-rich blood. The eye part appears darker. Remedy? Move your body, get some fresh air and take a deep breath. For more inspiration, have a look at our MOVE section.

4. Unhealthy diet

Coffee, alcohol and cigarettes are a guarantee for dark circles. Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol do not only destroy the skin cells, but also reduce the oxygen content in the blood, so that the blood is darker. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption causes the skin to dry out. So we recommend to drink less coffee, cut out the smoking and make sure that you drink enough (still) water after a long party night.

Dark circles may also be a consequence of vitamin deficiency! So make sure you eat enough fruits, vegetables and whole grain products.

Also iron and zinc deficiencies lead to dark circles. An iron deficiency leads to an under supply of the blood with oxygen, while a zinc deficiency leads to blood anemia. To cover your iron requirement, eat plenty of whole grain products, green leaf vegetables and pulses. For enough zinc, please eat pulses and mushrooms.

A true miracle cure against darc circles unter the eyes is vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting. This vitamin is found in green vegetables, e.g. Brussel sprouts, broccoli and green cabbage.

By the way: Too much salt is responsible for the accumulation of water and may result in unsightly tear sacks. For more information on healthy food, have a look here.

5. All the points from 1-4 together

If all the above points come together, then the body is quickly overacidified. The pH value is unhealthy low and the oxygen supply in the body worsens. Remedy: Drink a lot of beverages with carbonic acid and follow the hints given above.

6. Genetics

Some people are born with these dark circles. The skin around their eyes is simply darker pigmented than the rest of the face, which is probably also the case with the parents, grandparents or other close relatives. So nothing to worry.

7. Severe diseases

In other cases the circles have serious causes such as allergies, skin diseases (neurodermatitis), metabolic disorders (diabetes) or a diseased liver. So if you see that these dark circles suddenly appear although you are living a healthy lifestyle, then please go and see a doctor.

Other last minute home remedies for dark circles under your eyes

Place a damp tea bag (black tea or peppermint tea), fresh cucumber slices or milk-impregnated cotton pads on the eyes. And if nothing helps, you can still buy a good make-up and simply cover the dark circles.



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Top 7 Reasons For Dark Circles Under The Eyes And What You Can Do Against Them

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