Top 5 food deficiencies that cause mood disorders

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If you’re feeling depressed or sluggish, you may be suffering from a healthy food deficiency. This is the case when you incorporate lots of over processed foods and only very few fresh foods into your diet. 

Some healthy food deficiencies that lead to mood disorders include:

  1. Deficiency in omega-3 fatty acid: Negatively impacts brain function and affects your mental outlook. Eating foods high in omega-3, such as fish, can improve your mental health and relieve inflammation and pain.
  2. Deficiency in vitamin D: May cause depression or panic disorders. Be sure to increase your vitamin D intake to improve immune function, bones, and brain health.
  3. Deficiency in vitamin B: Mood disorders like depression. So make sure to eat, for example, more oysters, field salad, chicken, sesame seed, curly kale.
  4. Deficiency in iodine: Can have an adverse impact on your thyroid gland which affects important functions including body temperature regulation, immune function, and brain function. Iodine can be found in algas, sea fruits, diary products, iodized salt.
  5. Deficiency in amino acid: Can harm optimal brain function, leading to stress, depression, and anxiety. Be sure to eat meat, eggs, fish, beans, seeds, and nuts for natural sources of amino acid.

Improving your diet means improving your health! Have a look at our healthy recipes.

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