How to Successfully Build New Habits the Easy Way

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It can be said that habits lead to a better life, encouraging happiness, creativity, productivity, and good health.

With so many life-altering benefits, why is it so hard to adopt positive habits or kick negative ones?

At their core, habits are simply rules that you’re imposing on yourself. Thus, as is the case with rules, people respond differently when attempting to introduce a new habit.

Generally speaking, there are four types of personalities regarding this process:

The Upholder: This is someone who responds readily to both outer and inner rules. The Upholder meets deadlines and keeps their resolutions. For them, fulfillment acts as the biggest motivator. They like to know what the rules are and what’s expected of them. Additionally, they want to avoid making mistakes and letting people down. While Upholders can be self-starters, their reliance on rules tends to cause them to be rigid.

The Questioner: The Questioner tends to challenge all rules, but is willing to follow the ones that make sense. These types of people are motivated by sound reason. They must decide for themselves which course of action is the most logic. Likewise, they won’t follow rules that they disagree with. This makes Questioners intellectual, but it also means they might neglect certain rules.

The Rebel: A Rebel is someone who resists all rules, whether they are outer or inner. Whatever the Rebel’s current desire is, that’s what’s going to motivate them. They like to choose to act from a sense of freedom, and over are goaded into action by thoughts like “You can’t make me.” They think outside of the box, but they also resist things that must be done.

The Obliger: This is someone who responds readily to outer rules, but struggles to keep inner rules. They’re motivated by external accountability and find it difficult to fulfill obligations they impose on themselves. They respond well to deadlines and authorities, and dislike letting people down. While this makes them great to work with, Obligers are often too focused on pleasing other people.

By identifying yourself as one of these four categories, you’ll be able to see how you’re likely to respond to new habits. Tailoring that process for your personality will greatly increase your chance of success. It’s important, however, to remember that none of these personality types is better or worse than the others. To see effective results, you must be honest with yourself.

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