How to Replace Suffering with Happiness

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Of all the human emotions, none seem to be so heavily sought after as happiness is.

No one seeks out suffering, yet we tend to turn to continually turn our back to chances of being happy.

No matter how badly we want to be happy, we’re continually running toward suffering. Why?

Many people view happiness as something that exists outside of themselves. That is, they believe happiness comes from acquiring things, most often material possessions. But this idea is doomed from the beginning.

No man can own everything, so those who seek to will never be happy.

To achieve happiness, you must alter the way you think. Each negative emotion needs to have a positive antidote: You cannot be happy and sad at the same time.

The next time you want to harm someone, do good toward them instead. Replace jealousy with appreciation. If you feel angry, begin thinking about the beauty of a rising sun. Eventually, this method of replacing negativity will train your mind to think differently.

Thus, the key to happiness lies within each one of us. The beauty of the natural world and human goodness are the only tools we need to transform our outlook and avoid suffering.

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