Why You Should Use Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling

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Although it has become trendy over the past year or so, oil pulling is actually an ancient technique that has been performed in places like India for thousands of years.

Oil pulling is the process of swishing oil (typically coconut, sesame, or olive oil) around your mouth and between your teeth.

Oil Pulling offers many health benefits:

  • oil pulling can heal and cure tooth decay,
  • heal bleeding gums,
  • whiten teeth,
  • strengthen jaw muscles,
  • and overall cleanse your mouth.

Some people even claim that it can aid in weight loss. Dentists agree that oral health acts as an indication of the body’s health.

How to do Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

To start reaping the above-mentioned benefits, lightly swish two teaspoons of coconut oil (this oil is recommended because of its anti-fungal properties) in your mouth for ten to twenty minutes a day.

This may seem like a long time, especially compared to the average sixty seconds required of most mouth washes, but try performing oil pulling while you’re in the shower. Even just five minutes will result in great benefits. Just be sure not to swish too vigorously, or you’ll make your mouth sore.

When you’re done swishing, spit out the oil into a cup or trashcan, rinse your mouth out with water, and brush your teeth as you normally would. Conduct this oil pulling routine every day for two weeks, then just twice a week. For even better results, add essential oils to your coconut oil.

Once you start oiling pulling, you won’t believe the results. Your mouth will feel cleaner, you’ll combat against bad bacteria, and your overall oral hygiene will be taken to the next level. And since this process includes only one natural ingredient, it’s relatively inexpensive and poses little risk of side effects.

Please make sure you use certified organic extra virgin coconut oil.

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Featured image credit: jessica mullen/flickr.com (CC License)

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