Chakra Healing: 4 Ways to Open Your Root Chakra

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Did you know that having even just 1 of your 7 Chakras closed can affect the rest of your body?

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For those who’re unaware, everyone projects a subtle energy system called a chakra.

There are seven chakra systems, running from the pubic area through the torso to the top of the head. The base chakra is called the root.

When fully opened, the root chakra is responsible for giving you a sense of belonging within humanity. Thus, it has a lot to do with your connection to other people as well as to the earth. If you’re feeling as though you’re not fitting in with others, your career, or even your loved ones, you may be suffering from root chakra issues.

Here are some ways to open your root chakra:

  • Spend time outdoors connecting with the earth, allowing yourself to be barefoot.
  • Pound your feet on the ground. This will make you aware of what you walk on every day.
  • Wearing red also helps to energize the root chakra.
  • Pretend to bounce a ball in a rhythmic pace over the chakra area while repeating affirmations such as, “I am whole. I am connected. I am supported here in all ways, in all areas.”

Attempting these simple practices can easily and effectively shift your feeling of self-value and acceptance.

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