A Magical Golden Superfood that can Cure Allergies

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Whether you’ve had it in tea or drizzled it over pancakes, chances are you’ve had honey at least once in your life.

organic-raw-honeyGreat as a natural sweetener, honey truly is a superfood

Astronauts even bring it into space with them because, in most conditions, it has no expiration date. In fact, Egyptian tombs containing honey have been uncovered, and despite being thousands of years old, the honey is still perfectly good to eat.

To get all the benefits from honey you should make sure you only consume organic raw honey, not the standard honey you can buy at the supermarket, which probably isn’t even real honey.

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Honey is created by bees, which have an enzyme in their stomach that breaks flower nectar into two types of sugar: glucose and fructose. The bees regurgitate the sugars into honeycombs where the bee then adds another enzyme, creating two more byproducts: gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

The bees then rapidly beat their wings to remove moisture. When the water in the mixture evaporates, honey is created. The lack of moisture and small traces of hydrogen peroxide are what keep honey from expiring for such a long time.

These same properties have led to honey’s popularity as a medicinal substance. Ancient civilizations used honey on wounds to keep moisture from getting in. Likewise, honey sucked moisture out of the wound. You can even buy band-aids today that are produced with a honey coating.

Eating local honey may even immunize you from allergies

The idea is that local bees use pollen spores in your area, which would cause your allergies to flare up. Consuming a small amount of that pollen through the honey gives your body a chance to build up a tolerance to them, thus immunizing you from allergies.

It should be noted, however, that no one under one year of age should consume honey. For everyone else, though, honey is a delicious and natural sweetener that could pose more health benefits than you ever thought possible.

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