4 Convincing Excuses to Eat More Chocolate

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eat-more-chocolateIt may not surprise you to learn that the average American eats 12 pounds of chocolate each year.

What might surprise you, however, is learning that chocolate is a superfood. And while it’s great to have an excuse to eat more of it, not all chocolates carry the same benefits.

Milk chocolate, for example, is a highly processed and highly diluted version of cacao, the good-for-you plant chocolate comes from. In fact, milk chocolate contains high amounts of sugar and fat, and white chocolate doesn’t contain any cacao at all.

To qualify as dark chocolate and offer some health benefits, chocolate must contain at least 50 percent cacao.

But what makes cacao so good for you?

  • It’s high in fiber, which is great for digestive health.
  • It contains tryptophan, a promoter of happiness and wellbeing.
  • It’s packed with antioxidants, fighting almost everything from wrinkles to cancer.
  • Cacao also helps your blood flow more smoothly.

Keep chocolate wrapped in foil as opposed to plastic, and store it in the refrigerator for up to six months. It’s also very versatile: dip fruit in it, use it in sauces or coffee, and much, much more.

So, don’t feel guilty about eating chocolate, just make sure you’re consuming the right kinds.

Image: OakleyOriginals/flickr.com (CC-by 2.0 license)

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